Key Features

  • Enchant Items

    Myriam can replace an item property with one you’ve chosen from a (random) list of powers. Trust in fate, and tweak your arsenal to your heart’s content.
  • Transmogrification

    Call on the mystic’s apocryphal magics to change the appearance of your equipment. It’s not vanity if it makes you want to fight harder.
“So the demon lords want to crush all humanity beneath their heel - does that mean you can't smile?”

History is full of tragedy and failure. Men and women live short lives. We can’t predict the effects of our decisions, and so we repeat our mistakes. But some, particularly among the bloodlines of the Vecin people, are born with a second sight that flies in the face of this truism.

Myriam Jahzia can see the future, but only in opaque, unclear glimpses. Such a burden might breed fatalism and frustration in another, but she’s possessed of a surprising desire to find joy in life, to live in the moment.

Regrettably, the moment is bleak. Myriam’s hazy dreams swirl with blood, anguish, and a spreading darkness that threatens to engulf everything she knows. She cannot simply stand by and do nothing, so she makes her way through the ruins of Westmarch, searching out a lone figure battling against the terrors from her nightmares.

The mystic is certain that you represent Sanctuary’s greatest chance for survival. By empowering your equipment and carefully guiding your journey, Myriam believes that she can help bring hope to the world. It’s up to you to prove the truth of her vision.

Workshop Progression

As you dedicate gold and materials to training your artisans, they’ll upgrade their scant tables and carts into more complete workshops, unlocking new recipes in the process.