Unlocked at level

Poison Dart

This is a Signature spell. Signature spells are free to cast.

Shoot a deadly Poison Dart that deals 185% weapon damage as Poison and an additional 40% weapon damage as Poison over 2 seconds.

Skill Runes

Level Skill Rune



Shoot 3 Poison Darts that deal 110% weapon damage as Poison each.


Numbing Dart

Shoot a Cold dart that will Slow the enemy by 60% for 2 seconds.


Spined Dart

Gain 50 Mana every time a Poison Dart hits an enemy. Converts the damage type to Physical.


Flaming Dart

Ignite the dart, dealing 565% weapon damage as Fire over 4 seconds.


Snake to the Face

Transform your Poison Dart into a snake that has a 35% chance to Stun the enemy for 1.5 seconds.

Note: Information on this page is based on a level 70 character.